IU Grades for Dollars

Program: WVPE Features

Reporter: Stan Jastrzebski, WFIU, for IPBS

Airdate: 09/01/2009

As a response to concerns from the State Budget Committee, Indiana University President Michael McRobbie announced a program which could offset some of the school's planned tuition increases over the next two years.  Academic success this year may lead to savings next year.


Saying he hopes Indiana University students have what he calls "more skin in the game", McRobbie says any in-state undergrad can earn two-to-three hundred dollars off their tuition next year by earning a "B" average in both semesters this year.  McRobbie says the program is slated to run only through the state's current two-year budget cycle, but might be extended if it pays off...


"It's going to be an interesting experiment to see how successful it is.  If this has a measuarable impact on completion rates, on retention rates, I would see us continuing a program like this in some form in the future."


McRobbie says the program is a response to threats from State Budget Committee Chairman and Noblesville State Senator Luke Kenley to take consideration of IU building projects out of the funding pipeline, but insists Kenley's worries are just one factor in the decision and such a program may have eventually been created absent any quarrel with lawmakers.

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