Souder, Donnelly react to Obama health care speech

Program: WVPE Features

Reporter: Michael Linville

Airdate: 09/10/2009

Indiana Republican Congressman Mark Souder says the rhetoric the American public and members of Congress heard in President Obama's speech on health care Wednesday night was  "fundamentally dishonest".


In a press release issued shortly after the speech Rep. Souder said Mr. Obama obviously hasn't read his own bill, and the president misrepresented the public option, the plans costs, proposed cuts to Medicare, abortion funding, death counseling, and almost every other point.


Souder also called The President's statement that he will call out those who misrepresent his proposal and open threat to Republicans- that "once again demonstrates an increasing abuse of power by this administration."


An opinion not shared by Indiana Democrat Joe Donnelly:


"I respect Mark, but I think he's wrong on this. I think that what the President was doing was saying, 'If we're not going to level with the American people, if we're going to make information up, then it needs to be corrected.' It's not fair to the American people to tell them there are things like death panels when simply what's going on is end-of-life counseling to folks so that they can be able to find out what their choices and options are."


Donnelly is serving his second term representing Indiana's second Congressional district.


Souder was first elected to Congress in 1994, and represents Indiana's third district.

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