Alabama defeats Notre Dame to win BCS title

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Alabama Coach Nick Saban, and players Eddy Lacy and C.J. Mosely talk with the press about the Tide\'s victory over Notre Dame in the BCS title game in Miami (APR photo)

Program: WVPE Features

Reporter: Pat Duggins, Alabama Public Radio

Airdate: 01/08/2013

Alabama Public Radio's Pat Duggins reports from last night's BCS title game in Miami on the event, and the storied histories of the teams which took part. WVPE's Tony Krabill contributed to this story.

"Obviously, we wish the night could have ended in a different way" said Notre Dame star player Manti T'eo. "But, the season, the year, my career here, I'm been truly blessed by being at Notre Dame" "What the players accomplished, what the coaches accomplished, I think it's really special," said Alabama Coach Nick Saban. "I think when I'm sitting on the side of the hill watching the stream go by, I might even figure it out even more." These are two very different perspectives of the same game in Miami. The Alabama Crimson Tide sounded defeated the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame by a score of forty two to fourteen. It was the first back-to-back college football championships since Nebraska did it in the mid 1990's. Alabama Public Radio's Pat Duggins was at the BCS College Football Championship in Miami and reports on the game and the stories history of both teams.

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