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An Indianapolis judge has issued a recommended order for a proposed abortion clinic in South Bend.

Whole Woman’s Health alliance is seeking to open a clinic that will offer medication abortions in the city.

The judges recommend order comes after the state health department had rejected Whole Woman’s Health Alliance’s license application.

Bishop Kevin Rhoades at a recent press conference in Fort Wayne regarding the Pennsylvania grand jury report on child sex abuse in the Catholic Church.
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Bishop Kevin Rhoades of the Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese has been cleared of sexual misconduct allegations by the Dauphin County, Pennsylvania district attorney.

Bishop Rhoades was accused of misconduct by the family of a man who died in 1996. The incident allegedly occurred while Rhoades was serving in the diocese of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where numerous allegations of sexual abuse came out of a grand jury investigation last month.

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Seventeen years ago Tuesdsay, far from Michiana, four planes were used as weapons in the most deadly terror attacks in American history.

Those events touched many lives in the immediate aftermath and the years since. As they become more distant, the concern is raised on how September 11th will be remembered by a younger generation of Americans.

Most high school students in America today do not have a living memory of the September 11 attacks.

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Across the country this morning people are pausing to remember a morning 17 years ago when four high-jacked planes crashed in New York City, at the Pentagon and in a field in rural Pennsylvania.

A ceremony in St. Patrick’s park this morning sought to remember the one person from South Bend, Katie McCloskey, who died at the World Trade Center in 2001.

It was also a remembrance and appreciation for first responders and military service members.

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People across Michiana will remember September 11th in many different ways. Events are listed chronologically. ($ denotes the event has a cost for attendees)

8 a.m. Flags at Notre Dame

Young Americans for Freedom will hold its 9/11 Never Forget Project. They will plant 2,977 small flags, one for each 9/11 victim in the South Quad at the University.

9 a.m. Bell Ringing at St. Patrick’s Park

Jennifer Weingart


The St. Joseph County Cyber Crimes Unit swore in six student-investigators at it’s new space at the University of Notre Dame Friday.

The unit is made up of one director, three officers and the six students. Their work is to track digital evidence, investigate witness, victim or suspect statements and help to serve search warrants.

Christina Casino is one of the student-investigators. She’s a senior at Notre Dame and has been with the unit since the summer following her sophomore year.

Hall of Heroes Comic Con


This weekend Elkhart will host the second annual Hall of Heroes Comic Con. After a large turnout last year, the con has expanded.

Last year the Hall of Heroes Comic Con was just inside the Learner Theatre. This year it will also spread across four blocks of downtown Elkhart.

Allen Stewart is the founder of the Hall of Heroes Super Hero Museum, and the comic con. He said they learned a lot from last year.

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The Goshen City Council passed a stricter non-smoking ordinance Tuesday night. It puts vaping on the same level as smoking and bans both in public parks.

Goshen’s new ordinance bans smoking inside all businesses except three bars that have traditionally been smoking, and vape shops.

National Register of Historic Places


Elkhart is beginning to make plans to remodel the central plaza area in the city’s downtown.

The central plaza area--which is the Civic Plaza with the clock and Central Park behind it-- has played host to an increasing number of events in recent years, officials say it went from five to more than 50.

Elkhart mayor Tim Neese said as more people spend time downtown with events, the city needs an update.


UPDATE: The Michigan State Police have cancelled the AMBER alert. The suspect was apprehended and the children were found safe.



The Michigan and Indiana State Police have both issued Amber Alerts for three missing Sturgis Children.

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A storm came through Elkhart last night causing some damage to a local business and the Elkhart Area Career Center’s Annex.

The worst of the storm blew through in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. Some time between 1 and 2 a.m. part of the roof of the Bonnell Aluminum plant on County Road 10 West peeled off and landed on the property, and on top of, the career center annex.

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Drivers in Elkhart County will now see police officers around active paving sites following several incidents last week.

Officials say they’ve seen more incidents this year of people driving around construction barricades as paving work is being done.

Last week a driver hit a milling machine, another driver rolled their car into a ditch while speeding on a recently resurfaced road, and a third driver clipped a worker with their side mirror.

The University of Notre Dame


The University of Notre Dame has implemented a new clear bag policy for all ticketed events.

Starting with the home opener against Michigan on Saturday all spectators will have to carry anything they wish to bring into the venue in a 12 by 12 by 6 clear plastic bag.

All ticketed events in the stadium complex buildings, the Joyce Center and the ice arena are subject to the new rule--including the October 20th Garth Brooks concert.

Berrien County Sheriff


The Berrien County Sheriff’s office has rolled out body cameras with all its patrol deputies and in the county jail.

Every enforcement officer in the Sheriff’s department--road patrol and detectives--have a body cam. They’re also assigned by shift in the jail.

The body cams hit the streets in mid-July.

Undersheriff Chuck Heit said they’ve had dash cams in the police cars for more than 15 years now. This upgrade is meant to provide more information and accountability.