College Uses Interactive Event To Attract New Nursing Students

Feb 5, 2018

A for-profit nursing school’s central Indiana campus is trying to get more students interested in the field, which faces a shortage of qualified practitioners.

A few dozen students from Indianapolis’ Warren Central High School took part in Chamberlain University College of Nursing’s simulation lab, including disaster response.

Junior Stephan Gaither says he has family members pursing healthcare related jobs.

“They kind of inspired me to go into the medical field and be an EMT or something,” says Gaither.

The Chamberlain program gives students a chance to get hands-on experience in a variety of simulations. Nurse and Chamberlain Indianapolis President Christopher Bell says the nursing workforce shortage is a growing issue.

“We talk about this all the time about the shortage and that more nursing programs need to grow and get bigger and that we need more nurses in Indiana,” says Bell.

More than 20 schools offer nursing programs in Indiana, but there is a lack of faculty to train students. Indiana lawmakers are considering a bill to increase those numbers.

Bell says many of the young people he encounters are aware of the need for more nurses in Indiana.

“I find that more students are geared toward a nursing program because they want to get right in and start and then finish and start working,” says Bell.

Registered nurse tops the list of in-demand jobs in Indiana. They can make more than $50,000 a year.

Hospice and community nurses are also especially in demand in the Hoosier State.