Committee Hears Bill To Expand Oxygen Therapy For Veterans

Mar 7, 2018

A bill to expand a pilot program for experimental post-traumatic stress disorder treatment was heard by a Senate committee this week. The proposal aims to connect Hoosier veterans with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

The therapy is the medicinal use of pure oxygen to heal. It’s a well-established treatment for decompression sickness or wounds that will not heal, but is experimental for PTSD.

Sen. Mike Delph (R-Carmel) authored a bill to provide this treatment to Hoosier veterans and says they need more alternatives.

“PTSD is a real, real problem it impacts a lot of our veterans,” says Delph.

This proposal makes changes to a pilot program to make the treatment available to more veterans. It expands the timeframe and extends existing grant coverage. Delph says it would provide more opportunities for treatment.

“We did not address statewide access with the program.” Delph says. “We tried to do that by suggesting that you need to have providers in all corners of the state.”

If passed, veterans could start receiving treatment this summer.

Indiana also hopes to join a new federal program that will study the therapy’s effectiveness in treating PTSD.