Hoosiers March Forth To Sunday Sales, First Time In State History

Mar 5, 2018

For the first time in Indiana’s history Sunday, Hoosiers were able to walk into a liquor store on a Sunday and purchase a beverage of their choice.

Last Wednesday, Gov. Eric Holcomb signed into law the legalization of Sunday carry-out sales – a first in state history.

Many were excited, but liquor store customers and employees don’t expect overall sales numbers will change much.

West Lafayette Village Bottle Shoppe store supervisor Maxwell Mills-Groninger says the biggest thing he has to keep in mind today is the hours.

“We had to open exactly at 12 p.m. [noon], we couldn’t open any sooner. And we’re going to have to shoo people out at 7:59 because we cannot sell past that at all,” Mills-Groninger says.

Emily Sherwood and a friend ran up to the door celebrating the day with pictures of the open signs. Being a life-long Hoosier, Sherwood says it’s about time.

“I think that if people were going to drink on Sunday, they’re going to think ahead anyway, but this just, I mean, it just makes sense,” Sherwood says.

While Sunday sales are now legal, there are still limitations, such as the hours for Sunday sales and a remaining prohibition on anyone other than package stores selling cold beer.