House Approves Bill To Create New Abortion Complication Reporting

Feb 28, 2018

Health care providers across the state will be subject to new reporting requirements when it comes to complications from abortions.

That’s under legislation approved by the House Wednesday.

The bill creates a long list of potential abortion complications physicians, hospitals, and clinics must report to the state. It includes everything from blood clots and cardiac arrest to anxiety and sleeping disorders.

Rep. Matt Lehman (R-Berne) says the bill aims to help ensure public health.

“It’s a good bill and I think it just says we want to make sure good players abide by the rules,” Lehman says.

But Rep. Sue Errington (D-Muncie) points to studies that say complication rates from abortions are lower than wisdom tooth extractions and tonsillectomies.

“[The bill is] an attempt to make this appear to be a dangerous procedure, when it’s not,” Errington says.

The measure also includes an expansion of the state’s existing baby boxes law. Language added in a House committee would allow firehouses staffed 24/7 to house newborn safety incubators.

The House approved the bill 67-26. It now goes back to the Senate, which can vote to agree to changes made by the House or take the measure to conference committee, where the two chambers will work out differences in the bill.