Media Partner: Premier Arts presents "Spamalot"

Jul 11, 2016

WVPE is a proud media sponsor for Premier Arts, as they present Spamalot this weekend (July 15, 16,17). The musical is the stage re-imagination of Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975).  The movie and musical are irreverent parodies of the Arthurian Legend, but are different in many ways. The original 2005 Broadway Production won 3 Tony Awards and ran for over 1,500 performances.

Ticket Information can be found here.

Be aware: While there have been edits, the production is PG-13.

For the G rated show, check out the student production that is Saturday at 3:00 pm called: Robin and the Sherwood Hoodie.

[Plus the Station Manager is in the cast.]