New Elkhart High School Will Be the Lions, No Mange

Jun 13, 2018


Credit Jennifer Weingart

The new merged Elkhart high school got a new name and mascot Tuesday night.

After a committee, more than 800 suggestions-narrowed to five, and votes by students--the name was to be Elkhart High School with a Mangy Lion mascot.

The board took issue with the ‘mangy’ part. Board member Glenn Duncan, “And the mascot I recommend as the Lion, not the Mangy Lion. That’s my motion.”

The name comes from the Mangy Lion trophy which is awarded to either Elkhart Memorial or Elkhart Central after they play each other in football.

Members of the board suggested that most outside Elkhart, and some within, don’t know the history of the name and would instead think of mange--which is a skin disease cause by parasites. Duncan also said the name, and the trophy, represent a soon-to-be former division between the two high schools.

After some discussion, Duncan’s motion was passed unanimously. The school colors will be royal blue and gold.