Post offices get second rush post-Christmas

Dec 25, 2017


Online holiday shopping boomed this year, up around 15 percent nationally. While the big rush happens before Christmas, there are still more packages that will be processed after as well.


As people return unwanted gifts or spend gift cards, more packages will go through the mail.

Jason Scholten is the postmaster of the Elkhart post office.  

“It’s not as heavy but as people use gift cards and return parcels we do see an uptick in deliveries and pickups.”

Scholten said for USPS, package volumes were expected to be around 10 percent higher than last year in November and December, but he thinks for Elkhart they’ll be closer to 30 percent.

He said USPS workers before the holidays are at work from midnight to 8 p.m. sorting, packing and delivering all that holiday cheer.

It slows down after Christmas, but they’ll still work hard into the new year.