School Funding Gap Widens With New Numbers

Feb 13, 2018

The state’s school funding gap is much larger than first expected.

The budget shortfall isn’t new – lawmakers knew in December  it would be an issue because of an increase in public school enrollment.

But the latest numbers show the state faces a school funding gap of more than $22 million this year. And projections for next year say that gap could reach almost $60 million. But House Ways and Means Committee Chair Tim Brown (R-Crawfordsville), says another big jump in enrollment isn’t likely.

“If you look at historical growth, it will be less than, probably what happened this year. And I think it’s more historical growth that’s probably more realistic,” Brown says.

Both the Senate and the House have approved school funding legislation this session, but committees in both chambers will amend those bills in the coming weeks before passing a final plan.