Senate Kills Bill Aimed At Keeping Unsafe Tires Off The Road

Feb 26, 2018

Senate lawmakers Monday defeated legislation aimed at keeping unsafe tires off the road.

The measure would bar retailers and suppliers from installing unsafe tires – and defines what “unsafe” means. The definition includes tires that have any punctures, cuts, scrapes, or cracks, a recalled tire, or one with significantly worn-down tread.

The bill passed 80 to 15 out of the House – but some in the Senate, including Sen. Jim Tomes (R-Wadesville), thought it was unnecessary.

“For heaven’s sakes, aren’t we grown up enough that if you’re buying used tires and the guy rolls them out and you look at them and they look a little too slick for you, can’t you make that decision on your own not to buy them?” Tomes says.

But the bill’s Senate sponsor Sen. Jon Ford (R-Terre Haute) says it’s a public safety measure.

“These tires are on the roads with us every day and I think putting a requirement in there is not too much government,” Ford says.

But Ford’s argument didn’t sway enough in the Senate as the bill was defeated 22 to 26.