South Bend PD releases statement on Shootings

Apr 13, 2018

After two officer involved shootings in as many weeks South Bend police chief Scott Ruszkowski released a video comment Friday about the shootings and ongoing investigation.

In the video Ruskowski explained the review by the SBPD on its law policy, training.

He said the criminal investigation by the St. Joseph County Metro Homicide Unit is separate and happens any time someone is killed.

He said they will release more information once the investigations are complete.

Ruskowski said in the video he was saddened and hurt by the two incidents but said the officers involved are more impacted.

“There is nobody more saddened by this or hurt by this than officers Chaput and Dennin who had to use lethal force to end the incident.”

SBPD has received questions about the high number of witnesses that came forward to give statements on the incidents.

Ruskowski said that speaks to the community of South Bend and the inroads officers have made in neighborhoods. He says people are used to officers being around now and trust them more.