South Bend Schools Showcase School Choice Within District

Jan 10, 2018

South Bend Schools held an informational meeting Tuesday to help parents and students navigate new school assignments and graduation pathways following the approval of the Focus 2018 redistricting plan in December.

In what resembled a college fair, parents and students visited with representatives from each of the district schools to learn more about programs available to elementary and middle school students in South Bend.

Sue Coney is Director of Communications for South Bend Schools. She said it’s been 15 years since school boundaries changed in the district and they want to parents to be aware of their options.

“We want to make sure that families understand that right within South Bend schools if you want a different specialized school, or you want to attend a small school or an academy or a very parent involved school, that you have those choices,” Coney said, “You can stay right here in South Bend public schools and find something that fits for your child.”

Coney said the school district wants the transition to the Focus 2018 plan to be as smooth as possible for parents and students. The plan will be implemented during the next school year.