Tolson Center Advocates Seek Park Board Resignations

Jun 13, 2018

Elkhart residents asked Park Board members yesterday to resign during the board’s monthly meeting. The board came under scrutiny by Tolson Community and Youth Center advocates after the City Council’s decision to defund the Center last week.

Residents who spoke against the Park Board accused them of collusion with the Elkhart City Council regarding Tolson funding. Tolson is managed by the Parks Department, and residents at the meeting said they felt the board didn’t advocate enough for the Center.

Park Board Vice President Tonda Hines was the only board member to address residents after the meeting, specifically their requests for resignations. She told residents she agrees the Park Board could have done more to fight for the Center, potentially looking at funding again.

“If we can’t do better together, maybe there’s four more people, or maybe one or two, maybe it’s not everyone on the board,” she said.  

Hines said she will not resign at the time, but if Mayor Tim Neese wants her to resign, she will.

Neese addressed some of the concerns the public brought up during the meeting, but did not address resignations.



Elkhart residents asked Park Board members to resign from the board following the City Council's decision to defund the Tolson Community and Youth Center last week.
Credit Barb Anguiano / WVPE