West Side South Bend Opens Official Headquarters

May 22, 2018


A new community center opened Tuesday on South Bend’s West Side to focus on needs in the neighborhood.

Christin Kloski has been working with West Side South Bend for three years now as an organizer. In the beginning the group would host lunch gatherings at different area restaurants, and invite people from other parts of town to visit the West Side. The group has since organized other projects, Kloski said one of the most important ones being Best Wednesday Ever. The projects and events are intended to change what Kloski said is a negative perception of the West Side.

She said the new space is available to local business owners and community groups. The group will also host their monthly meetings in the space as well.

“I think some people are confused on who we are and what we’re doing aside from the festivals,” she said.

West Side South Bend is not a neighborhood association, but a group of community organizers dedicated to promoting West Side businesses and making improvements to the neighborhood.


West Side South Bend community organizers and South Bend leaders gather to cut the ribbon at the new West Side South Bend Center on West Western Avenue.
Credit Barb Anguiano / WVPE