Where's Car Talk?

Jan 6, 2017

Car Talk will end in September. While still popular, it has lost many listeners recently. However, it remains a costly program. So WVPE is moving Car Talk to our second HD channel, NEWS2, because programs aired on HD channels do not cost as much as when they are on the main FM.  Car Talk will air Saturdays at 9:00 am and Sundays at noon.

You can still listen, but you need to listen on this website (click the triangle on-its-side button), use our smart phone app, or use an HD enabled radio.

Most newer cars with screens in the dashboard replacing the AM/FM radios already have HD radios in their software. They might call it something different like multicasting. If some model vehicle doesn't, by syncing a smartphone to the car and then playing the station through WVPE's app, one can readily listen to the two additional program streams NEWS2 and BLUES3 besides the regular 88.1 FM.

Please make use of all of our channels because we are providing a lot of wonderful public radio programming that is currently being created that cannot fit on just one frequency (and please help explain it to others).

If you have further questions, on this website, choose ABOUT and WAYS TO LISTEN. If you are still confused, contact the station at 888-399-9873 for additional assistance.