To the Best of Our Knowledge

HD2: Sundays 7:00-9:00 pm
  • Hosted by Anne Strainchamps

Every week, "To the Best of Our Knowledge" invites listeners to a dinner party of ideas, where smart people think out loud. It’s a curiosity-fueled gathering of fascinating guests – newly-discovered novelists, ground-breaking scientists, filmmakers, philosophers and a host of others, all passionate about ideas. And as with any great dinner party conversation, the fun is meeting the people behind the ideas.

"To the Best of Our Knowledge" produces two hours of radio every week. Each hour begins with a single big idea, which we explore through a series of in-depth conversations and stories. Themes range from the playful to the profound – Is the Internet Making Us Stupid? ... Is There More Than One Universe? ... Why We Need Wonder ... How To Be Funny. Later in the hour, regular short sidebar features pop up: advice from celebrated writers on what to read next ...a “watch this” guide to new documentaries... and a curated collection of speculative “dangerous ideas” from leading thinkers. Each hour ends with “On Our Minds”– an interview and web feature related to what’s trending in this week’s news and culture.

The appetite for conversation about ideas has never been stronger. "To the Best of Our Knowledge"... the epitome that ideas ARE entertainment for the weekend on public radio.