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Single game ticket sales kicked off for the South Bend Cubs today.


Joe Hart is the president of the South Bend Cubs. He said the first day of ticket sales is always exciting because it signals opening day is just about a month away, and soon Four Winds Field will be a buzz with the sounds of summer and baseball.

“You know, as much as it pains me to say as a diehard baseball fan,” Hart said, “But for us it really boils down to more about the environment at the ballpark, creating memories.”


Nov 10, 2017

I didn’t have a team to root for, or against, but the World Series held my interest pretty well last month; often I was just hoping the team that was behind would tie things up so the games wouldn’t end.

Baseball is the topic when my friend Tim and I tour diners for breakfast a few times a year.           

Sometimes, Tim will ask me to reflect on baseball when I call him to make our arrangements.           

“Sid,” he’ll say, “I want you to think about why players don’t seem to bunt, anymore.”