Elkhart Police Department

Jennifer Weingart / WVPE Public Radio


Elkhart’s new police chief says he will focus on accountability and transparency.

Chris Snyder was selected out of 16 applicants. He is a 21 year veteran of the Department. Most recently as a detective in the homicide unit and as the Public Information Officer.

He said his focus will be on restoring trust in the department. “The community in this area has made it abundantly clear that they want transparency and accountability and that is what they’re going to get starting today moving forward.”


Elkhart Police Department


An Elkhart Police Officer was arrested while driving under the influence yesterday.

Elkhart Police Corporal Scott Haigh was arrested following a traffic accident involving two vehicles at the corner of 3rd and Franklin Streets in Elkhart Tuesday afternoon at about 2:30. No one was injured in the crash.

Elkhart Police Officers responding to the accident observed that Haigh appeared to be impaired. They contacted the Elkhart County Sheriff to continue the investigation, in order to avoid a conflict of interest.


The Elkhart Police Department is 94 percent white in a town that was 66 percent white in the last census.

Demographic information obtained through an access to information act request shows out of 137 officers in the department 116 are white men and 14 are white women.

Jennifer Weingart / WVPE Public Radio


Elkhart’s Police Merit Commission officially promoted to detective a police officer who has a DUI conviction in Noblesville, Indiana from last spring.


About two weeks ago the South Bend Tribune published a series of investigative reports about issues within the justice system in Elkhart County.