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Buttigieg Confirmation Hearing For Transportation Secretary Is Today

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden’s nominee for secretary of transportation, Pete Buttigieg, is pledging to carry out the administration’s ambitious agenda to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure. In prepared remarks for a Senate hearing on Thursday, Buttigieg says that implementing Biden's vision is a “generational opportunity” to create new jobs, fight economic inequality and stem climate change, with the Transportation Department playing a central role. The 39-year-old former mayor of...

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Current, Deadly U.S. Coronavirus Surge Has Peaked, Researchers Say

The devastating fall and winter wave of coronavirus infections that is causing so much misery across the U.S. appears to have finally peaked, according to several researchers who are closely tracking the virus. While another surge remains possible, especially with new, more infectious variants on the horizon, the number of new daily infections in the current wave appears to have hit a high in the past week or two and has been steadily declining in most states since, the researchers say. "Yes,...

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2020 Marked Another Year Indiana Was Hotter Than Normal

According to NASA, 2020 tied with 2016 for the hottest year on record globally. Though it was only the 14th the hottest year for Indiana, it marked the sixth year in a row that temperatures were above normal.

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Wednesday's inauguration ushered in new occupants of the White House, as well as a revamped White House website.

Shortly after President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris took office, sharp-eyed Internet users noticed several major changes relating to the inclusivity and accessibility of the Executive Branch's official site. Among them are a new feature allowing users to include their pronouns when submitting contact forms and a relaunch of the Spanish-language website.

Back in April, COVID-19 hit the city of Manaus, Brazil, extremely hard. In fact, the outbreak there was arguably the worst anywhere in the world. One study, published in the journal Science, estimated that so many people were infected that the city could have reached herd immunity — that the outbreak there slowed down because up to 76% of the population had protection against the virus.

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President Biden.

That's going to take some getting used to after these past four years.

The new president was sworn in Wednesday and made an inaugural address aimed at unity. Biden didn't sugarcoat, however, the hurdles to bringing Americans together, and he leaned into the challenges the U.S. faces, as he sees it.

Here are six takeaways from Biden's inauguration:

1. A starkly different tone was set.

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A twin suicide bombing at a Baghdad market killed at least 28 people and injured 75 others on Thursday, Iraqi state media reports. At least seven people are still missing.

Two suicide bombers detonated their vests when security forces pursued them through the busy Tayaran square market. An interior ministry spokesman tweeted that the second bomber set off his device after people gathered around those dead and wounded from the first bombing.

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