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Residency Program Embeds Students At Speedway

During the month of May, medical students from across the country are in Indianapolis for a residency program at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  The program offers a chance to train two sides of emergency medicine.  The Indiana University Health Emergency Medical Center in the infield of the Speedway treats drivers and spectators. IU Health Dr. Geoffrey Billows is the Chief Medical Officer at IMS. With nearly 400,000 people on race day, the grounds become the equivalent of the second...

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ICYMI: Listen Here To "Brains and Losses: The Bottom Line On Aging And Financial Vulnerability"

Neuroscientists and gerontologists see evidence that people become more vulnerable to financial exploitation as they age. Con artists, fraudsters, even family, friends and caregivers take money from seniors and abuse their trust.

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Speaker Nancy Pelosi will convene a meeting Wednesday morning to hear from Democrats on whether or not to move forward with impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

Pelosi, a public skeptic of impeachment, is confronting a rising tide of support for it among rank-and-file House Democrats and members of her own leadership team. Democrats are outraged by the Trump administration's ongoing effort to stymie congressional oversight into the president, his administration, and the findings in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report.

He Qiang should be manning his convenience store, but today he's collecting tiny green berries along the road and shooting them at birds with his slingshot. The 26-year-old is distracting himself from his worries. He spent all his savings — the equivalent of $35,000 — on a store that no longer has any customers.

Concord Community Schools


The Concord Community School Board approved a plan Monday night to change start times at schools.

A plan to change start times has been in the works at Concord all school year. Many area districts are considering or have already adjusted start times to deal with a shortage of school bus drivers.

Shannan Simon is the Transportation Director for Concord. She said there were many meetings to figure out the best way to schedule bussing to work for everyone.

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The main branch of the St. Joseph County Public Library has found a temporary home in Brown Intermediate School as it undergoes planned renovations.

The library would move into Brown in November, ahead of construction. The move is expected to take about three weeks. Then the library would be in the school for 18 to 24 months.

Brown Intermediate was closed as part of Focus 2018. It is currently being used for some food service for the school district. The library will take up much of the first floor.

Children who live in areas with bad air pollution are more likely to develop asthma, which is the most common chronic illness among young people. But when you clean up the air does that actually protect the health of kids?

A study published Tuesday in JAMA, the journal of the American Medical Association, looked to answer that question.

Silvert Alert Issued For Two South Bend Children

2 hours ago
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From Indiana State Police:


The South Bend Police Department is investigating the disappearance of Eleanor Rushing, a 1 year old white female, 30 inches tall, 30 pounds, light brown hair with hazel eyes, last seen wearing blue and white striped shirt and red pants. Halle Rushing, a 6 year old white female, 4 feet tall, 60 pounds, blond hair with hazel eyes, last seen wearing a white t-shirt with a flamingo & palm tree that says “OH HEY”.

Seven people have been charged with making fraudulent claims against the fund Michigan State University set up in the wake of the Larry Nassar scandal.

They have been charged with 22 felony counts for allegedly fraudulent claims that led to them receiving more than $527,000 from the Healing Assistance Fund.  

Grand Rapids city commissioners are expected to vote on the city’s $553 million budget at tonight’s meeting.

The budget calls for hiring an additional 26 staff. That includes two new police officers and other support staff for the department.

The city will increase spending on parks and road improvements, but still sock away a few million dollars for its rainy day fund.

In yet another sign that invasive Asian carp could be inching closer to Lake Michigan, researchers with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have found environmental DNA of two species of carp in a lake that's just a few miles from Lake Michigan.

Environmental DNA comes from things like fish scales. It's an indicator that the fish could be present.

Hunting deer in the city of Ann Arbor will continue as a way to control the deer population.

The Ann Arbor City Council met Monday night and rejected an amendment to stop the deer management program. The vote came after supporters and opponents of the hunts involving sharpshooters voiced their opinions on the issue.


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