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Elkhart, Goshen Seek Artists For Storm Drains

City of Goshen


Elkhart and Goshen are asking for artists to paint their storm drains. The project is meant to draw attention to watershed issues.

Storm drains keep cities from flooding in storms. Runoff goes straight from the streets into local waterways.

Joe Foy is the Stormwater Manager in Elkhart.

“The whole point of our project is to do a community outreach through art to remind people of what goes on the street or down the drain doesn’t come to our treatment plant but goes to our rivers and streams.”

Elkhart and Goshen are working together on this project. There are 16  drains to be painted. A panel of locals will review artists’ applications to choose which ideas will be painted on city streets.

Artists can apply for the project through either city’s website. Applications are due February 10th. The drains will be painted in April and May.