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Benton Harbor residents start new 'Safety Coalition'


A group of Benton Harbor community leaders are meeting Thursday evening to discuss problems facing the city’s youth and possible solutions.


The group calls itself the Benton Harbor Area Schools Safety Coalition. This will be its first meeting.


The stated purpose is to respond to the-quote-“rising behaviors exhibited by children within the community.”


Pastor Steven McCoy is hosting the event at his church. He said they hope to have a conversation with whoever shows up about what the biggest problems are, and come up with solutions.


“We know what the issues are but let’s talk about how can we solve the issues. We know we can’t rely just on the school system we have to get the whole community involved because really it is a whole community thing.”


McCoy said they will work with the state through the school’s partnership agreement if they can. He said he hopes some students will show up and work with the community group as well, “who know what they going through better then they do?”


The meeting starts at six at the Memorial Church of God in Christ.


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