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Solarize Elkhart Workshop Works to Educate on Solar Energy



The Elkhart Environmental Center is holding an workshop Thursday evening with information about going solar.

The event is part of the Solarize Elkhart Initiative. Similar projects have happened in Goshen and South Bend. Anyone who’s interested in learning how to convert their home or business to solar energy can attend. 

Information is presented by environmental and government agencies and solar suppliers and installers. 

Jamison Czarnecki is the director of the Elkhart Environmental Center. He said they want to debunk the myths around solar energy.

“People have this perception that solar is expensive, their house isn’t good for solar, solar doesn’t work here in Indiana: all these misconceptions that happen around it and for people to come and at least learn is probably our biggest goal.”

Czarnecki said people can come who are just curious about solar. Or, they can bring specific questions and leave with the names of people that can take on a solar project.

The event begins at 6:30 p.m. in the Chamber of Commerce conference room at 418 S. Main St.