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Kosciusko County Foundation Awards Grants for Ice Rink, Community Projects



K21 Health Foundation of Kosciusko County has announced grants for an ice rink and for some smaller communities in the county.

K21 Health Foundation was created in 1999 with money from the sale of a public hospital to a corporation. 

The grants are a little unusual. They are not yet granted to anyone. The foundation announced that it will award a million dollars to construct an ice rink and pavilion somewhere in the county. The foundation doesn’t know the location or organizations that will build and run the facility.

“We are just a foundation. So we’re not going to own or run an ice rink," said Rich Haddad, President and CEO of K21. "We just feel so strongly that it’s going to be a game-changer for our community and it’s gonna create year-round all-family activity that we’ve made the pledge and we’ve made the challenge.”

K21 also announced that it will give up to $200,000 each, a total of $1.8 million, to nine smaller communities in the county; Claypool, Etna Green, Leesburg, Mentone, Milford, North Webster, Pierceton, Silver Lake, and Syracuse. 

That money could be used for any project that is community health related. Haddad said the foundation is looking for community leaders to step up and tell them what their community needs to help its people be healthier.

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