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Second Baby Discovered in Michigan City Area Safe Haven Box



A second baby was discovered Sunday evening in a Safe Haven Baby Box in Coolspring Township, just outside of Michigan City.


This is the second baby found in the same box within five months. The first one in November of last year.

The baby box was installed at the Coolspring fire station in April 2016. There are two boxes in the state, the other at Woodburn Fire Station, outside of Fort Wayne.

No babies have yet been left at the Woodburn box.

Republican State Representative Martin Carbaugh said the the baby box is a proactive step in keeping babies safe surrender. Though the box should be considered more of a last resort when surrendering a baby he said.

But, the representative said it’s encouraging that the boxes are being used or at least considered, because they serve another purpose.

“And so really, they’ve been more than a place where a baby can be left,” Carbaugh said, “They’ve been a promotion of our Safe Haven law that’s been in the books, but maybe not well known to the public.”

Carbaugh said more hospitals and fire stations across the state are interested in installing baby boxes since a bill passed this session, more clearly defining locations where boxes can be installed.