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Indiana News

National Weather Service Surveying Indiana Storm Damage

Two survey teams will be dispatched to survey tornado damage that
was reported on the afternoon/evening, 27 May 2019. One area to be
surveyed is from southeast Fulton county to northern Wabash.  The
second is an area from Grant county to Wells county.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says preliminary storm reports show that 52 tornadoes may have touched down Monday across eight states as waves of severe weather swept across the nation's mid-section.

A tally of storm reports posted online by NOAA's Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma, shows that 14 suspected tornadoes touched down in Indiana, 10 in Colorado and nine in Ohio.

Six suspected tornadoes were reported in Iowa, five in Nebraska, four in Illinois, three in Minnesota, while one suspected tornado was reported in Idaho in the West.

No fatalities were immediately reported.

Patrick Marsh is the Storm Prediction Center's warning coordination meteorologist. He says National Weather Service crews were heading to the affected areas to determine if tornadoes caused the damage, or high winds.