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UPDATE: 9 St. Joseph County, Indiana, Officers Out Of Quarantine

NEW: Nine St. Joe Co. officers are out of quarantine following the arrest of a subject who was suspected of possibly have COVID-19. The test on the arrest subject came back negative so the officers are now back on duty. 

You can read a statement from the St. Joe Co. Police Dept. below. 









Friday the County Police announced that the nine St. Joseph County Police Officers quarantined on Thursday March 26 have been released from quarantine and back to active duty. The Officers were quarantined after coming in contact with an arrest subject whom showed symptoms at the time of booking and was then tested for COVID-19. The COVID-19 test result for the arrest subject returned negative for the corona virus.

During their quarantine period none of the nine officers experienced any symptoms of the virus. The decision to quarantine was made by the department out of caution to the officers, their families, and our other officers.

Late Friday the St. Joseph Co. Police Dept. released information indicating that 9 officers are now quarantined.

EARLIER POST (Posted Mar. 27):

Read more about the reasons why in the release below. 

Nine County Police Officer were quarantined or sent home to self-isolate on Thursday March 26 after coming in contact with an arrest subject whom a short time later showed symptoms of COVID-19.

The arrest subject was then tested for COVID-19 at the county jail, those results are still pending. 

None of the nine County Police officers have any symptoms of the virus, nor have any been recommended for COVID-19 test.

The quarantine of the officer was made by the department out of caution to the officers, their families, and our other officers.

Three County Police Patrol Officers involved in a physical, hands on arrest of the subject on Monday night were quarantined. That decision was made by police administration on Thursday after reviewing the facts of the arrest, the CDC guidance and discussing the incident with department medical staff. South Bend Police Officers were also involved in the arrest.
SBPD supervisors have been notified of the arrest subject’s symptoms and pending test.

Additionally, five County Police Detectives and one County Police task force officer were sent home on Thursday to self-isolate out of extra caution. During a call back to the subject's residence on Wednesday, these six all entered the subject’s residence to execute a search warrant of the residence and the subject’s bedroom.

The precaution of isolating these six is not required by CDC guidance, but was recommended department medical staff to prevent any potential mass exposure to our department. These six officers all continue to work on their cases from home in coordination with other detectives.

Again, none of the nine County Police Officers have any virus symptoms and the County Jail is still waiting on test result of the arrest subject. The subject’s family, who also resides in the residence have been notified. The County Jail medical staff expect the subject’s COVID-19 test results to be completed by the outside lab on Sunday or Monday. 

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