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Student EMTs Help With Notre Dame Vaccination Clinic, Surveillance Testing


The University of Notre Dame opened its first on-campus COVID-19 vaccination clinic Thursday, and in addition to doctors and nurses, some students are helping administer vaccines. 

Carol Mullaney, director of the university’s COVID Response Unit, said students who are certified as EMTs and certified to deliver injections have been working alongside other medical staff and volunteers. 


“They really enjoy working with each other, and then the staff just so enjoy working with them," Mullaney said. "They remind us on a daily basis why we’re here.”

Mullaney said student EMTs have also been an “integral part” of the university’s testing campaign. She said certified students have been administering surveillance tests, helping members of the campus community perform self-swab nasal tests before sending the samples off for lab testing.


"It's one of the most critical steps that we have taken to keep everyone here on campus, so they're an integral part of that," Mullaney said.


The university’s first vaccination clinic will last until April 15. A clinic to administer second doses will run from April 29 to May 6.


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