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Another Hoosier To Plead Guilty In Capitol Insurrection

Courtesy of Garret VanHoy

A Greene County woman charged with illegally entering the United States Capitol on January 6 announced plans to accept a plea deal in federal court Monday.

A sentencing hearing is scheduled for October. Until then, Dona Sue Bissey will not be held in jail.

She faces up to six months in prison and a up to a $5,000 fine.

Bissey was arrested in February after prosecutors were tipped by public Facebook posts placing her in the Capitol during the insurrection.

Her publicly appointed attorney had no comment, given charges and proceedings were still pending.

Appearing before Judge Tanya Chutkan, Bissey admitted the statement of facts presented by federal prosecutors was true.

Bissey posted several photos tagging herself and others in the Capitol during the insurrection. The Greene County resident and business owner responded to comments and spoke of the day’s importance.

“Best f–– day ever!! I’ll never forget. We got into the Capitol Building,” she wrote.

Informants told federal law enforcement authorities Bissey routinely spoke supportively about QAnon and other conspiracy theories.

Prosecutors say they were tipped after Anna Morgan-Lloyd—a woman who entered the Capitol with—Bissey attempted to obtain a firearms permit from the Greene County Sheriff’s Department. The department referred both Bissey and Morgan-Lloyd to the FBI.

Statement of Facts Bissey by Indiana Public Media News on Scribd




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