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Ex-IU football player accused of kidnapping man he met on Grindr


Bloomington police say a former Indiana University football player assaulted, kidnapped and robbed a man he met on the dating app Grindr.

Police say they arrested 21-year-old Da’Shaun Brown of Bloomington on Thursday after searching his home and finding credit cards belonging to the victim.

An IU spokesperson said Brown was dismissed from the team in October and is no longer a student at the university.

In an emailed statement, Bloomington Police said officers arrived April 6 to the home of the alleged victim after receiving a robbery report.

The man “reported that he had met an unknown man on the dating app Grindr and had invited the man to his apartment for consensual sexual activity around 2:00 a.m. The victim reported that the suspect wore a face-covering and requested that the lights inside the apartment be turned off so he could not be identified.”

After the sexual encounter, the statement said, the attacker “produced a large knife, held it to his neck, and threatened to kill him if he did not give him all of his money.”

The attacker then allegedly forced him into a car, where he assaulted him, and they attempted to get cash from a nearby ATM. Finally, the attacker allegedly threatened to kill the victim and instructed him to not call police.

Police say they identified Brown’s vehicle from bank and surveillance footage from the ATM, located the vehicle, and connected it to his residence. After receiving a warrant, they searched the home and vehicle where they recovered evidence.

Brown was interviewed and booked into the Monroe County jail. He’s charged with two level 3 felonies, robbery and kidnapping, and misdemeanor battery.

It wasn’t immediately clear Thursday if Brown had an attorney.