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Republican Daniel Elliott elected as Indiana state treasurer as Democrat Jessica McClellan concedes

Newly-elected Indiana State Treasurer, Daniel Elliott, smiles in front of a range of wires and computer equipment
Alan Mbathi
IPB News
Republican Daniel Elliott speaks at the Indiana Republican State Convention on June 18, 2022. He was elected as Indiana state treasurer against Democratic opponent, Jessica McClellan.

Republican Daniel Elliott was elected as Indiana state treasurer against Democratic opponent, Jessica McClellan.

In his campaign, Elliott emphasized his commitment to promoting economic development, particularly in rural areas, promoting cybersecurity and ensuring transparency within government.

Prior to being elected to office, Elliott was a software engineer and the president of the Morgan County Redevelopment Commission. He said this experience demonstrated the need to “grow rural Indiana.”

The treasurer of the state is Indiana’s chief investment officer and banker. This position also serves as the chairperson for Indiana bond bank, Wireless Enhanced 911 Board and Indiana CollegeChoice 529 Savings Plan. The position also serves as a member of several boards and commissions, including the Board of Finance and Indiana Finance Authority.

In her concession speech, McClellan said the slate of candidates "absolutely slayed it."

"Indiana Democrats, we are changing our party every single day. Stay involved. There are new people in this party that were not involved 10, 15, 20 years ago," McClellan said. "We have to keep them involved and we have to bring more people in. so that is how we're going to keep working in the right direction."

Democrats haven’t won a state treasurer race since 1974.

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