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New COVID cases are increasing in Michigan

 Health officials recommend having high-quality masks and home COVID test kits on hand.
Lester Graham
Michigan Radio
Health officials recommend having high-quality masks and home COVID test kits on hand.

More new COVID cases are popping up in Michigan.

The numbers are still relatively low, but they are going up in about half of Michigan counties.

Washtenaw County saw the biggest increase, possibly because of college students from University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan.

“We have a couple of large universities locally and we’re coming off of post spring break weeks. So, that’s not particularly unusual to see some increases after holiday and break type activities,” said Susan Ringler-Cerniglia with the Washtenaw County Health Department.

While Washtenaw’s numbers are higher, there’s also more testing in that county.

“So, it is possible on one hand that other counties look a lot like us and we might be doing a better job of detecting it. Or, we might also be early indication of an increase that will be more broad later on,” said Ringler-Cerniglia.

The number of cases detected is not as much of a predictor of serious impact. Higher vaccination rates mean fewer people need hospitalization. Pre-hospital treatments can also prevent serious illness for people who are more at risk, Ringler-Cerniglia explained.

Health officials say just in case this is the beginning of another surge, people should plan ahead.

Have masks.

They recommend making sure you’ve got good quality, well-fitting masks available.

Have home test kits.

Get a supply of home test kits which are free from the federal government or you can be reimbursed for them by health insurance or Medicare.

Find where you can get treatment.

Know ahead of time if your health care provider is handling treatment or check your local urgent care to see if you can get antiviral treatment during the first few days if you get ill from COVID.

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Lester Graham is with Michigan Watch, the investigative unit of Michigan Radio.