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Michigan candidates, ballot campaigns enter final week stretch

Stephen Velasco

Candidates and ballot campaigns are making their closing arguments heading into the final week before Election Day.

Events and a barrage of advertisements by campaigns are aimed at persuading the sliver of still-undecided but potentially decisive voters and boosting enthusiasm to get their supporters to get out to vote.

“This is, obviously, the last chance for candidates to make their impressions and voters to learn about proposals before they vote — if they vote on Election Day — or even before if they have their ballots in front of them,” said political science professor Matt Grossman, who directs the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research at Michigan State University.

Grossman said get-out-the-vote efforts will be key this week. He says most voters have probably made up their minds and will stick largely with the Republican or the Democratic ticket, and will show a corresponding partisan tilt on ballot questions, as well.

Grossman said early voting could make a big difference this year. This also the first election since a commission drew new congressional and legislative district lines. And there are three contentious ballot questions dealing with voting, abortion rights and legislative term limits.

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