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Center for Community Justice receives grant

Jennifer Weingart


Elkhart’s Center for Community Justice has received a $100,000 grant from the county to support its work.

The Center for Community Justice runs a victim offender reconciliation program, a program to help those recently released from jail re-enter society, and educational programs on restorative justice for schools and workplaces.

The Center is supported mainly by grants. Over the last few years, funding has been down.

Irwin Larrier is the executive director of the Center for Community Justice. He said this grants helps them bring the programs back to the level they were operating at before.

“That grant was given to us based upon what we believe to be the work we’ve been doing in the community for the last 40 years. Effectively they saw the impact that we’ve had and it actually comes in at the right time as we’d lost quite a bit of funding over the last year, year and a half.”

Larrier said the grant will be used to support and expand existing programs at the Center for Community Justice.