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Former Union Leader Talks Jobs Under President Trump

Retired union leader Chuck Jones believes President Donald Trump has not kept his promises to Hoosier workers. Jones’s statements come ahead of the president’s Thursday visit to Elkhart, a city that depends heavily on manufacturing jobs. 

According to Jones, Indiana residents don’t have to look further than the lost jobs at the Carrier plant in Indianapolis to see the President’s impact on Hoosier jobs.

While Jones said he appreciated the president making jobs a central campaign issue, he argues not much more has been done for workers since.

Vice President Pence and newly-minted Senate candidate Mike Braun are set to visit Elkhart along with President Trump. Jones said all three men have a history of siding against workers’ interests, and he’s not sure how much Braun’s core campaign issues align with the working class.

“Off the top off my head, do I think [Braun’s] going to be a friend of the working people,” Jones asked, “No, I don’t,” he said, “We’ll see what he campaigns on and builds from there.”

Jones said local labor unions are planning protests of the President’s Elkhart rally.