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Buttigieg Releases 2010-2018 Tax Returns

Peter Ringenberg

In 2018, Pete Buttigieg filed jointly with his spouse, Chasten. He reported an adjusted gross income of $152,643.

In 2010, filing as a single individual, Buttigieg reported $33,824 in adjusted gross income. In 2010 he filed state returns in both Indiana and Illinois. 

He has also claimed foreign tax credits for taxable income from sources outside the U.S.

The campaign has pointed out a few things about the tax returns.  In 2017, Buttigieg received a $30,000 advance to write his book.

In 2014, Buttigieg deployed to Afghanistan and took an unpaid leave of absence as mayor.

In 2011, Buttigieg had negative taxable income as he ran for mayor of South Bend for the first time. As a result, he received an earned income tax credit.

Read through Mayor Pete’s tax returns here:


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