Activist Groups Hold Post-Election Demonstration In South Bend

Nov 5, 2020

Attendees of the Defend Democracy rally in South Bend on Wednesday, November 4, 2020.
Credit Justin Hicks / IPBS

Several groups gathered for a post-election demonstration in South Bend Wednesday night. Local chapters of the Sunrise Movement, the American Indian Movement and the Northern Indiana Democratic Socialists of America demonstrated for what they called “the people’s agenda.”

Their demands include community control of police, expanding healthcare and unemployment relief and stopping racist attacks against minority groups. 

Paul Mishler of the Michiana Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression says those demands are independent of who wins the election. 


“If Joseph Biden is the next president, we have an agenda. His election isn’t the end, it’s the beginning,” he said.


Alexa McCall attended the demonstration. She said with so much election anxiety, it’s nice to be around other people and feel a sense of solidarity. 

She also echoed the sentiment that the election was a beginning, rather than an end. 

“I guess another reason to come out physically is just to show that voting isn’t the end of it, that there’s work that needs to be done,” McCall said. 

Another protest in Indianapolis was postponed Wednesday night after at least one credible threat of armed violence.


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