Advocates Announce $100K Campaign Against NRA Ahead Of Convention, Trump Visit

Apr 24, 2019

Everytown For Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action announced a $100,000 advertising campaign against the National Rifle Association during its annual convention in Indianapolis.

Everytown For Gun Safety President John Feinblatt says his organization wants to highlight the difference it sees between the NRA and its base.

“The NRA’s agenda is not just unpopular nationally, but it’s unpopular among Hoosiers,” he says.

Recent polling data says 56 percent of Hoosiers support stronger gun laws, and 90 percent specifically support universal background checks on all gun sales.

Both President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence will speak at the NRA convention on Friday.

Feinblatt says the 2018 election was evidence of American voters supporting gun safety legislation – like universal background checks.

“My message to the president would be that he really needs to listen to American voters,” Feinblatt says.

This will mark Trump’s fifth time speaking at the annual convention.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story said 67 percent of Hoosiers supported universal background checks for all gun sales. That was incorrect. Polling data shows 90 percent of Hoosiers support universal background checks, and 67 percent strongly support.