All IN: Bullying

Oct 3, 2019

This month, which is National Bullying Prevention Month, Indiana University Kokomo will welcome spoken word poet Shane Koyczan to campus. Koyczan’s work is focused on bullying – being bullied and becoming one himself. His YouTube video “To This Day” has gotten over 23 million views, and led him to do a TED Talk on the topic. 

Today on All IN, we talk about bullying with Koyczan and a panel of education and youth mental health experts. What is bullying like now that it can be done online? What effect does it have on the mental health of kids in school? And how can educators and parents stop it before it starts?

Produced by Matt Pelsor.


Shane Koyczan

Brandi Christiansen
President of Mental Health America Wabash Valley

Leah Nellis
Dean of the School of Education, Indiana University Kokomo

Tami Silverman
President of Indiana Youth Institute