ALL IN: Harvest Festivals

Oct 16, 2019

Today on All IN we talk with farmers and orchard owners about how they manage in the busiest season of the year. Many look forward to their annual trip to pumpkin patches and apple orchards to pick up fall treats and decor. How has the weather affected the crops this season? What keeps people coming back?

We talk to guests from around the state about Beasley’s Orchard in Danville, the Indiana Pumpkin Festival in the Southeast, and Waterman’s Family Farm in Indianapolis.


Produced by Matt Pelsor.


Ruth Ann Roney
Administrator, Tuttle Orchards


Jim Finley 
Agritourism Manager, Beasley's Orchard

Stephanie Lobenstein Smith
Third Generation Lobenstein, Lobenstein Farms 

Cindy Dudley 
Manager, Waterman's Family Farm


Tim Dudley
Waterman's Family Farm