All IN: Heartland International Film Festival

Oct 9, 2019

The 28th Heartland International Film Festival, an 11-day celebration of independent film, begins this week in Indianapolis. Over 200 films from around the world are showcased at the festival, including some from Indiana.


Making an independent film is hard work. From the equipment to the cast and crew, it’s also really expensive. Indiana is one of a handful of states that do not offer tax incentives for filmmakers. If there are so many places with more resources than Indiana, why would anyone want to shoot a movie here? What's it like to do it?

Today on All IN we talk with two filmmakers to find out. And we’re joined by organizers of the Heartland International Film Festival to find out what’s in store for festival-goers this year.


Produced by Drew Daudelin.




Prarthana Mohan 
Director and co-writer of the film "The MisEducation of Bindu"


Elizabeth Mitchell
Producer of the film “Rev. Marvin Chandler: Open to the Moment”

Greg Sorvig 
Artistic director, Heartland Film


Julia Ricci 
Senior film programmer, Heartland Film


Craig Prater 
President, Heartland Film