All IN: School Dropouts

Oct 10, 2019

Students drop out of school for a variety of reasons - behavioral issues, truancy, or a lack of resources within the school to address a student’s particular needs. However, some Indiana schools are marking students that drop out as home-school transfers, which means the school’s graduation rate is unaffected.

Indiana schools are judged, in many ways, on their graduation rates. When rates are low, so is the school’s state-issued letter grade. This can affect enrollment, and consequently, state funding. There is a growing concern that school dropouts being marked as “home-schoolers” is skewing that rate.


Today we’ll talk to education experts, parents, and legislators about the consequences of this issue and what can be done to implement change. 



Produced by Drew Daudelin.




Dylan Peers McCoy
Reporter, Chalkbeat Indiana

Candy Bledsoe
Mother of a former student at Emmerich Manual High School


Dr. Rachel Coleman
Executive Director, Coalition for Responsible Home Education

Tara Bentley
Executive Director, Indiana Association of Home Educators

Bob Behning
Indiana State Representative