All IN: Veterans' Mental Health

Nov 14, 2019

The suicide rate among veterans is twice that of the civilian population. Growing awareness of mental illness has prompted the VA and other veterans groups to better address mental health. The network of services is growing, but the stigma around mental illness can mean many of those who need it aren’t seeking help.

Indiana Public Broadcasting health reporter Jill Sheridan has been reporting on the issue, and hosted a panel on Veteran Mental Health earlier this week. We talk with her and a group of panelists about the kinds of illnesses veterans suffer from, the treatments that are out there, and the groups pointing veterans in the right direction.

Produced by Matt Pelsor.


Jill Sheridan
Health Reporter, Indiana Public Broadcasting

Brian Copes
CEO, HVAF of Indiana

Gordon Smith
CEO, MRAS PTSD Recovery Program

April Krowel
Clinical Neuropsychologist, The Brain Center