Allowing Michigan teachers to carry pepper spray and tasers under consideration

Mar 5, 2019

Michigan State Capitol, Lansing

Two bills in the Michigan State House would allow Michigan teachers to carry pepper spray and tasers on school grounds.


State legislators introduced a bill last year to allow teachers to carry a gun on school grounds. That bill did not pass. Critics worried that having guns on school grounds might endanger students.


Republican State Representative Beau LaFave sponsored last year’s gun legislation and the latest legislation around tasers and pepper spray. He says these versions of the bill could pass.


“So I’ve kind of vetted it with the far extreme to the right and the left, not as though they are extreme, but from political standpoints. There seems to be a consensus that teachers should at least be able to carry pepper spray.”


The bills have been submitted to the House Judiciary Committee, of which LaFave is the vice chairman.