Auto Plants Reopening In Michigan Today

May 18, 2020

The General Motors Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly plant is shown in Hamtramck, Mich.
Credit (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

The Detroit Three automakers’ assembly lines are running again starting today. Workers are mixed about whether they feel it’s safe enough because of the potential for spreading the coronavirus.

Steve Delaney is the President of UAW Local 602 in Lansing.

“There's a lot of members that are excited about going back to work, want to get a paycheck again and get the economy going. Then there's a lot of people that are negative. Like I say, I see posts on social media that they don't feel there's say social distancing is impossible and they don't they don't feel safe going back to work.” Delaney says. 

Social distancing is not possible on some parts of the line. The union and companies have worked together to determine the proper personal protective equipment. Both the companies and the union will be watching for possible outbreaks of COVID-19.