Bethel College To Become Bethel University

Sep 19, 2018


Credit Jennifer Weingart / WVPE Public Radio

Bethel College in Mishawaka will be called Bethel University after this school year.

The school has been Bethel College since its founding in 1947. School officials say changing to ‘university’ better reflects the course offerings and student body.

President Gregg Chenoweth said with more students enrolling online, more graduate programs, and a large body of international students it makes sense to change to a name that is better understood internationally.

“Our alumni are already in 64 countries where the name college more often connotes a tech school or community college than a four year bachelor's degree.”

The school will keep its mascot and colors, but a new logo and seal is being created. Student body president Paul Cooke said the students seem excited for the changes.

“I think students are very very happy and proud of the college as a whole I think that there’s a lot of support from the student community in the name change.”

The class of 2019 will graduate with Bethel College diplomas on May Fourth. The name change takes effect on May sixth.