Changes coming at the top for athletic programs at SB Schools

Mar 5, 2019

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Credit South Bend Community School Corporation
South Bend High School athletic directors and the district’s athletics chief will be out of a job at the end of the school year.

 The school district announced it would be eliminating the positions in favor of a ‘Dean of Students and Athletics’ in each high school.

The new dean jobs will require an administrative license and involve some of the responsibilities of an athletic director and also duties managing students, administrative leadership and instruction.

The five athletic directors will be reassigned to teaching positions withinthe corporation with a reduced salary.

In a statement Deputy Schools Superintendent Todd Cummings said, “We believe this restructuring is an important step to ensure the futuresuccess of the district.”

Cummings will be the district’s superintendent next year.

High school athletic directors’ duties include scheduling events, hiringofficials, and dealing with coaches, players and parents.

It is unclear how the change in athletic director positions would help thedistrict financially or structurally. Though Cummings also said, “New positions will provide greater support and flexibility for both athletics and academics.”

The changes take effect June 6th.