City Of Elkhart Prepares To Reopen On Monday

May 6, 2020

Downtown Elkhart. WVPE Stock Photos

The City of Elkhart held its second virtual town hall Wednesday night to give an update on the City’s COVID-19 response.

Elkhart is preparing to start reopening but officials are encouraging businesses and residents to still be mindful of the virus.

All city facilities, with the exception of the Lerner Theatre and city rental facilities will open on Monday. City employees will also be returning.

Dr. Michelle Bache with Elkhart General Hospital says even though it is exciting things are opening back up, people should still mind social distancing measures.

“We want everybody to still be diligent," she says. "The virus is still here. We don’t want to be forced into a situation where we do have an increased number of cases.”

Bache says as long people are properly social distancing and sanitizing, there shouldn’t be an issue. But in the case there is a spike, Elkhart is prepared to handle it.

“For the past six weeks, the hospital because we have not been swamped by the dreaded surge, we have had the ability to plan and understand what it means to take care of COVID patients.”

Bache says the hospital has an ample amount of PPE and space available for coronavirus patients.

Mayor Rod Roberson says he will require City employees to wear face masks while working in public spaces to help prevent the spread of COVID- 19. He encourages business owners to do the same.